Equipment Name Make Model
1 Laser Cutter Trilok TIL6040
2 3 D Printer -1 Ultimaker Ultimaker 2+
3 3 D Printer -2 Flashforge Guider II
4 3 D Scanner -1 Cubify Sense
5 3 D Scanner -2 Artec3d Artec Space Spider
6 Cutting Plotter   Graphtec Graphtec cutting plotter CE6000-60

Design & Simulation software

1. Solid Works 2018
2. SolidWorks Simulation
3. SolidWorks Composer
4. SolidWorks Flow with ECM and HVAC
5. SolidWorks Plastics Premium
6. SolidWorks MBD Standard
7. SolidWorks Electrical Professional
8. SolidWorks Visualize Professional
9. SolidWorks PCB

Hardware tools


Our Mechanical Fab Lab is well equipped with following hardware and power tools.

  • Power tools: Dremel tools, jig-saw, angle grinder and many more.
  • Measurement tools: Screw gauge, Vernier calliper, level gauge, inclinometer,combination/try square, dial gauge, measuring tape. IR thermometer etc.
  • Fasteners and clamps: Types of screws and screwdrivers, washers and nuts.
  • Rivets and riveter. Bar clamp, F- and C-clamps, vice grip. Zip ties and hose clips etc.
  • Types of adhesives and tapes. Glue gun. Heat gun.
  • Hand tools: Plier, chisel, types of hammers, crowbar, spanner and many more
  • Cutting tools: Handsaw, hacksaw, aviation snip, snap-off knife, glass cutter etc.
  • Polishing tools: Metal files, random orbital sander (types of sandpaper), bench grinder.
  • Drilling and Tapping tools: Drill driver and electric drill, bench drill, types of drill bits,Center punch.