Make & Model: Tektronix PWS2000

Series 2230 Multi-Channel Programmable DC Power Supplies are ideal for testing a wide range of devices, circuit boards, modules, and products that require multiple power sources cost-effectively. Series 2230 supplies include two 30V/1.5A channels plus a 6V channel with up to 5A output for powering digital circuits

Features & Benefits:

  • Triple output model with two channels up to 30V/1.5A/45W
    Linear Power Supply

    Linear Power Supply

  • Each & one channel up to 6V/5A/30W
  • All channels are independently controlled & isolated outputs for maximum flexibility
  • Remote sensing with all channels to ensure programmed voltage accurately being applied to the load
  • Two 30V channels can be combined in series or in parallel to double output voltage or current
  • 03% basic voltage output accuracy and 0.1% basic current accuracy ensure quality test data
  • Low noise, linear regulation with <3mVp-p ripple and noise
  • Voltage & current outputs for all channels are displayed simultaneously for easy observation
  • Standard USB interface for automated testing

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